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WORLDLORD$ - Skybox lyrics

[Verse: Gho$twriter]
Welcome to the Skybox
I'm bout to surf this b**h wit no script like firefox
Got ya girl flippin like a f**in switch in a wire box
Can you blame a ho for this fire cock?
Why not? I guess you can't
And I love how the thots just caress the taint
In the cut, untamed, I ingest the dank
Feelin on ya breast when I'm on the best of strains
As for now, it's still cloudy days
Shout out to my boy Zilla, gettin rowdy, with all the plays
Sometimes I just fall and sway
In the hallway of rap I have lost the way
All these young cats on the come up
Make me feel like an old bum hangin on a dump truck
So I gotta stay sharp, cuz the dumb f**s
Only like the beat and they ain't gonna bump us
How do I reach the kids
Take a boy off the leash, make decisions his
And if anybody give him sh**
He got permission to spit til a body stiff
Come to me for the co-sign
If you wanna murk a muthaf**a and it's go time
But I ain't signing for your rap sk**s
You can straight body muthaf**as if you wack still
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For real
Sit back, relax, and s** on deez nuts
I'm on these cups
Po'd up with codeine suds
If you wanna get high, just smoke these buds
All these d** got me callin' all my plugs
Welcome the A-List
Get on ya knees like you bout to pray b**h
I'm bout to spray this dick all over them great Grade-A tits
And get lit while you listen to this greatness
So hold up ho, it's dat boi
Oh sh** whaddup, makin all that noise
Pull a drive by while you shoppin for toys
Unicycle with a rifle and I'm here to destroy
That's how it goes down
Turn your a** into cut gra** when you're mowed down
Body parts leave a funk like Motown
k** myself at the end, f** Judge Joe Brown
Suicidal fantasies
Can't you see I'm just tryin to be the man to be
Gotta meet Gacy in the Van at 3
It gets a lil crazy when we plan a spree
Pull the ice cream truck up, dump a body
Put a shell in the chamber b**h, pump a shotty
If you got a fine a** ho, hump a hotty
And f** all you rappers, this is not a hobby

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