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WORLDLORD$ - Gunnin' lyrics

[Hook: Meko]
Lonely nights, remember I couldn't get right
Every night having spiritual & mental fights
Now I'm Gunnin & the ending in sight
Now I'm Gunnin & the ending in sight
Every night having spiritual & mental fights
But I'm down for the fight, n***a, every night
Now I'm Gunnin & the ending in sight
Now I'm Gunnin & the ending in sight

[Verse 1: Meko]
A couple n***as changed on me man, they hating on me
& I thought we was cool, they just lame homies
Man, that's cool cause my life f**ed up
& everybody showing love, but they ain't got no love

[Verse 2: Rashaan Miotoshi]
Life's a b**h, then ya die, then ya die
Keeping a couple blades on me, gone when I ride
Drive real slow like them boys down in Texas
All I drive is that Dodge, don't need no Lexus
R.I.P. to the one & only Sean Price
Flow ain't cheap, way too nice, gone check the price
Some of the people I really f** with, ain't really family
We ain't on the same page, can't understand me
Always on some other sh**, if you catch my fade
f** around, catch heat, like I'm Dwayne Wade
On some real sh**, I don't like violence
I stay at peace, no need to waste my time
Push me far enough, bet I won't be nice
Spark your a** in the elevator, Ray Rice

[Interlude: QP5000]
Yeah, I go by QP5000, man
Ma**ive hustle
What up, Gho$twriter? Komato$e?
What's good, man?
Check it

[Verse 3: QP5000]
Yeah, you see I'm gunnin'
See you runnin'
Duck behind something
I know you scared
I see you shaking
'Cause my crew coming
I dance around you clowns like Muhammad Ali
I move too quick, can't put a hand on me
They be like who is QP, I never heard of you
Give me the pen and paper and I bet I f**in' murder
Dispose of yo body, put ya face on a milk carton
So be careful about what the hell you startin'
'Cause you in deep trouble my attack is relentless
Ma**ive Hustle is the team and ya can't get wit us

[Bridge x3: QP5000]
Wordlords taking over like pinky and the brain
So stay in yo f**in lane before ya face get rearranged

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[Verse 4: Gho$twriter]
We the Warlords
Speedin off from a wartorn warzone, makin off with your whore
Each equipped by 1 of our 4 swords
But we got 9's too if gunnin is your sport
We just here for the take over
We bout to give ya life and ya wife an extreme make over
Teach a b**h new tricks like Shake Rover
If she don't agree, then that b**h is a lake roamer
We reppin from all across the map
Arizona to Virginia, Baton Rouge and back
Ackin rude & clappin dudes that's wack
It's Gho$t, Komato$e, Maestro, & 5 Stacks
And we don't give a f** if you white or black
It's all about the plight and how you fight back
All I know is how to write raps
Rockin f**in shows & wearin tight hats

[Verse 5: Komato$e]
These is my ride-or-die's, goin' hard from winter to fall
I ain't mean to do this to 'em, but I'll f**in' k** 'em all
Committing fratricide like Mao-Tse-Tung
When I'm steppin' up into the spot, they all mouth "Satan"
Still number 1
If I had a #1 single, y'all still wouldn't hear me 'cause
I got a problem with boppers, cops, opps, and robbers
Head bangers, neck slangers, I hate everybody, partner
And I like it this way
Though you might be dismayed
That just makes me like it that much more
To this day, I'll stay the #1 n***a steady gunnin' without a gat
Shots go off on our side and then your cousin's wearing black
With the rest of your family
Man it be mannequin work
To model for what you shouldn't do when you managin' work
It's standard that a few n***as die in the streets
Pull up, skrrt off, shoot some n***as in they spleens
Sometimes it's for fun, sometimes it's for the CREAM
I'm the down-south Jesus, turnin' water to lean
My n***as all hittin' licks tryna get that wealth
You see, the d** is the escape when you can't escape yourself
They think I'm serious when I'm takin' the piss
Bangers so ignorant that they bring in the bliss
Get popped like Cris' bottles in the B.I.G era
Or B.I.G in the Dre era
WORLDLORD$, we made terror
Gotta get up, smoke, but I rarely roll
Step back
I see you hoes out plottin', but we ahead, go a step back
Before they try to run us outchea
Peep the artist name, that's who's runnin' sh** outchea

[Outro: Komato$e]
One more for good measure
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
You'll see what I mean by one more in a second

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