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WORLDLORD$ - Counterfeit lyrics

[Intro: QP5000]
Ayy, yeah, man
Shout out to FEMA Records, man
Ayyo, we... We ain't got time for no counterfeit

[Hook x2: QP5000]
Y'all boyz ain't real
You just counterfeit
Talking bout you 100
But you full of sh**
Y'all some funny money, I don't like the look of it
You counterfeit b**h write a book on it

[Verse: QP5000]
You fake a**, two faced a** rat snake
Im the executioner and im here to decapitate
And serve yo head on a silver plate
Cuz ya main purpose here is just to spread hate
And im here to spread fear and I can see it in yo face
So I suggest that you run before I expose you in this place
No time for lies, the sh** that I despise
You fake better run becuz the real is on the rise and that's for real
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Im bout my realness im on that real sh**
You f**ers bout to feel this like a motherf**ing illness
You get no sympathy for the fake ones turn enemies
Got me feeling like im drake
Cuz they tryna steal my energy
Stay cooking up that hot sh**
Can't get the recipe, in a world full of hataz
They still won't get the best of me
Calculated carefully
Check out my equation
I speak a different language
Yall get lost in translation
So stay in ya lane
Cuz we bout to go insane
Worldlords are here and we bout to change the game
It will never be the same
So yall f**ers know the deal
You cowardly motherf**ers yeah ya better peel
And stay the f** outta sight, never ran from a fight
But you never throw hands, scared to bust a move like you standing in some quicksand
What's going on wit ya, what's wrong wit ya, you see the bigger picture
I stay up on that real sh** and if you a fake one, I can't get with ya

[Hook x2]

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