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WORLDLORD$ - Blackout lyrics

[Verse: Gho$twriter]
This is a blackout
So for all of y'all who think it's lit, sit the f** back down
'Bout to pull my dope out ya girl's crack now
And hit the b**h raw with the smackdown
It's a new world order, and I'm the enforcer
That's why they call me a Lord, but my world's distorted
Tryna keep the f**s out the walls at the border
And a ho with her mouth on my balls as she gurgles
What's that honey? Can't hear what you're sayin
Chasin after money, but it's bills that I'm payin
Tryna keep it thrillin with the bodies I'm slayin
I'm spillin blood, but it's not enough that I'm sprayin
I think my soul was abducted by Satan
It's gettin hot dog, so my name must be Nathan
Excuse you b**h, ho you must be mistaken
I'm tryna get views, I just think that I'm Drakin
Uh, I walk in public with a mask on
My human face is a fake phase that I pa** on
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It's only f**in lames that I blast on
Flames fuel the fire of the demons when they latch on
All I want is total control
And a b**h on my pole when I'm smokin a bowl
Ima stone a ho if it's money she stole
Santa Claus a b**h when she's buried in coal
Uh, For everything, there's a reason
You could even say for everything, there's a season
I don't know why I'm breathin
I guess I'm just the universe's way of gettin even
I just wanna hang from a tree
But my f**in destiny just won't let me be
Wish that I would die, so I finally could sleep
But Mezzi keeps callin cuz he found me a beat
So I gotta keep on keepin on
Otherwise, I'ma be the one that you sleepin on
This is not what we agreed upon
Why you shouldn't f** with me is sumthin you should read up on
So get to readin a book
Cuz otherwise b**h, you the one that's shook

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