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WORLDLORD$ - Bangin' on Wax lyrics

[Verse 1: Rashaan Miotoshi]
All I wanna do, is just cruise all night
Just me & myself, cause that's what right
Creeping' through the neighborhood, bumping Zapp & Roger
So rough, so tough, I can make ya dance
Light my fresh cigar, before I hit the turn
Smelling so, so good, when I see it burn
Turn the volume up, when the ba** slaps hard
Gone swang slow, up & down the boulevard
Tic, toc, this is how I rock
All day, all night, all around the clock
Hitting 65, in a 45
Feels like I'm in Midnight Club, every single time
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People stay starting sh**, I don't give a damn
I'm cruising, repping Dapper like my n***a Cam
Catch me swerving, leaning back in a black Dodge
While I'm singing, oooh, like I'm El DeBarge

[Verse 2: Rashaan Miotoshi]
If you hear me coming, mothaf**a better keep running
f** around & your a** is what I'll be gunning
Wherever I throw my hat is my home
Fresh new Adidas, everytime that I roam
As the world turns, in my search for tomorrow
I seek the God in light, for some insight
Wonder who's who, when it comes to being a friend
Wonder who's gone be there, when its set in the end

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