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WORLDLORD$ - 36 Hour$ lyrics

[Intro: Komato$e]
This is Komato$e
That's K-O-M-A-T-O-$-E
Aka Yung Daddy
Aka Yung Papi
Aka The Pill$bury Doughboi

[Verse: Komato$e]
I said, I hate the people hating us
You praying while we making stuff
All you do is wait for your chance and then you break it up
And blame it all on sources that you're making up
Claiming it's God when you atheist
And even before that, a satanist
Why you so lazy, b**h?
Stay in your place and don't make a cent
Except for that fishy one you protrude
Your sh** is over, my turn to be rude
So when I see you next, (uh) I'll make you hurt, b**h
I take back all the sh** I said before, whore, you're worthless
Turn compliments to curses, while your n***a out there jerking
Trying to find another woman, you was sending naked pictures to me
Why you thinking that you gotta say a sentence to me?
Why you thinking that you need any repentance from me?
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You the one that's doing wrong, even up in your sleep
Always got some weak a** sh** up in your sleeve
Your man's name?
I forgot your man's name
And you? You was the damn same, 'cause you forgot his name too
You thought it was mine, when you were high up out your mind
And you're torturing yourself, self-centered prick, you're lying
Go and snort another line, and another one, and another one, and another one
Keep going until you die
Khaled has the right idea and you have like no time
So k** yourself real quick, your nonexistent soul's mine
I can't wait to see you bleed out on headlines
You're listening right now, deer-in-the-headlights

[Refrain x8: Komato$e]
Why you gotta trip? (Trip- trip- trip)

[Hook: Komato$e]
It only takes 36 hours
For me to find where your house is
For me to pick out my outfit
For me to hit up the airport, I'm 'bout it
It only takes 36 hours
For me to find residence of a young ho
For me to hit up the gun sto'
For me to make your physical being no mo'

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