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Woodland - Hell lyrics

[VERSE 1 – Jacob Smith]
Is it, is it hell
If I won't' fail, and I never sell
And I push nails into my coffin
There's so much so smoke, of course I'll start coughin
They don't want us talkin sh**
They don't want our secrets lived, no
They don't want our ignorance bliss
“Homie, I never really loved talkin sh**”
Tryna catch my sector's fist
“Young and quiet, don't let him spit
He'll make us stop wanting to forget
The places we hate cause it's where we always been
And the girls we never had a chance to get it in”
We're so focused on the present, focused on the future
Leave our souls online to die inside of our computers
My mom still take pictures
She don't post ‘em on the web
We just live our lives until we're dead

[HOOK – Jacob Smith & woodLand]
Oh no, you wanna be
So much more than you are
Feel like we're hell on earth
Hell on earth, wolves on earth
And you go so hard
Ten off and ten on
So gone, I'm so gone
So long, so long

[VERSE 2 – Jacob Smith]
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They don't care if I'm angry here
They don't care if I bang her here
All them smoke they dank in here
And blow smoke up my nose and my face in here
Eye the color of the devil here
The rebels yell and they revel here
One note, the present, one level here
And I've never even seen one wedding here
Sex what we do when we cannot stay
I have a problem sayin what I shouldn't say
She always yearns but she never stays
And I always yell but I never chase
And our souls in the clouds above
Thoughts in a box, no one gives a f**
140 characters can't be love
And an @ symbol cuts like I spilt some blood, uh


[VERSE 3 – woodLand]
Go on, make my day
Say my name beyond the grave
Fifteen minutes of fame
Sweet secretation to the brain
But the sleep, it ain't the same
And the digitization is to blame
Make me king behind the scenes
Behead the king in his dreams
The blood is wet, the red has run
All hail the king, his day is done
All hail the king
His day is done

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