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Woodland - Belly of the Beast lyrics

[VERSE 1 – Jacob Smith & (woodLand)]
Last year was the right song
You standin there dancin to the fight song
Everytime that you figured that I might stall
Was the moment that I knew that I'm gone
Did it to myself
I put me in a hell, drinkin water from the well
Could've talked to God, but I thought I knew myself
Now I'm in the belly of the beast, the center of the whale
(of the whale)
City in the way, all the lights look the same
The moments when I'm quiet are the only ones I'm sane
Friends takin pills (takin pills)
I was writin all those scripts tryna find out what I meant
Interviews of all my idols, nooooo
I don't know if they would like me, noooo
Took me a long time (long time) to know
That it's good if they don't bite me
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Posion in his system makes her lips toxic on his own
Cause she's purer than him
Never gonna get him, why he always walks alone
Pickin up my phones, tweetin to these drones
Getting beef from these clones
And I'm tryna build my Rome, nooo
Iago was the villian but Othello died alone
k**ed everyone he loved just to prove
That it mattered that he was someone that they know

[REFRAIN – Jacob Smith & woodLand together]
Go, boy
You thinkin that you know, boy
You got no voice
And then you weep when they show void
Go, boy
No, boy
You don't know, boy
You don't know, boy

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