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Wolf Teekay - Levels lyrics

Feat : Truce Lyrical

[ verse 1 ]

have a type
just to show your f**ing worth
love your self spend the money
one chain just to keep it clean
925 25 tellaman
two fucng watches just to double time man
deuces up shawty i will never settle down
f** the n***a and his crew tryna take me down
i be down for new sh**
i be down for hot sh**
put some f**ing water on me cause im flaming in this b**h
leave it while its still fresh never
f** it till its overdue
women f**ing with me cool as me now i said it ya
riding me she made me buckle up
safety first ya
nevere overthink dont u drink
if you will pa** out
cool as n***a
rocking shades in the morning
while you busy stressing i be puffing in the morning

[ chorus ]
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[Wolf Teekay]

one level to another x3

[ verse 2 ]

the sun is hot but i stay cool
stay cool
make em girls wanna say hello daddy
hello daddy
i drink and smoke
everyday on a roll
i aint dropping pace nobody can ever keep up
ghost rider
nicholas yu better cage it
i plan on skating to another level
zeke and luther
yeah yeah
i aint rude i juss got a lot to prove
with my status
i aint got no time to groove
man u better move

[ Wolf Teekay ]

one level to another x4

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