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WIZE - Wise Monster lyrics

[Produced by Tha Wize, Point Blanc, and DJCab]

Yeah I'm a monster, (Tha Wize)
Everything in my way, (Point Blanc)
To the damage I make
More problems await
Yeah I'm a monster, I'm destroying
Everything in my way, they recoiling
To the damage I make, They avoiding
More problems await

[Verse 1: Tha Wize]
Yeah, I'm a monster, I'm destroying
Everything in my way, they recoiling
To the damage I make, they avoiding
More problems await, I'm exploding!
Then I think and turn around, walk the other way
Realising I'm lucky to live another day
I'm lookin' in the mirror, who am I today?
Pinching myself on the arm to make sure I'm awake
Now its time to make a change, let's rearrange, refrain, sustain, can't complain, gotta maintain
The right way, to keep myself from being deranged
Man it's easy, that's what everyones saying
No, its not easy
Someone feed me, information about myself, I'm getting hungry
Screw those who are trying to calm me
It's hard to pry off my insanity
Nearly free from my anger, liberty
Ending the war against myself, close victory
Now its time to let it flow, creativity
Let my ill mind soar to infinity


[Verse 2: Point Blanc]
It's point blanc on a track with Wize
I am wise, though I'll never despise any of my homies
I'm here to take pride of my homies
Never used to pity
f**, I live in a forbidden city
Forbidden of everything
I'm here to take the throne
I'll be here till infinity
My rhymes are toxic like alkalinity
This ain't no holy trinity
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I'm so devine, you can call it a divinity
f** man, I don't what to say
Everybody make way, I'm coming through, It's my inauguration day
I'll run away, go to the U.S.A
Cuz' this isn't a hobby, It's a motherf**ing pa**ion play
They stopped believing
And that's when I started achieving
Damn, this is a f**ing lifestyle
Running away from people that were never there for me
I'm a f**ing k**er bee
I'll break you down like a branch on a tree
Take your song, download it on MP3
Then trash it like it's supposed to be
We the master key of this rap game
It's time for you to bow
Now i'm done, goodbye for now


[Verse 3: Point Blanc]
I'm here to last
Not just to have a blast
And then leave the game like a school cla**
Never looking back to my past
Thats over now
I'm only looking forward to my future
Damn, im a lyrical abuser
k**ing sh** like I'm 2Pac Jr.,
You're just a loser
I'm a straight G like a f**ing ruler
I'm done with this
Back to my homie, bout to k** this sh**

[Verse 4: Tha Wize]
Thanks, I really mean it, man
Now its time to k** it
This is my first tape, already piling up minutes
And you know I'm rapping with Point Blanc and not just any nit-whit
Plus, my sanity is droppin', and I swear that I'm legitimate
To be on ground level at my feet
I deserve to be carried
By rappers thinkin' that they sweet
I've been working on this rap for weeks
Time to let this rap sleep


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