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WIZE - Trip 2x The Top lyrics

Little Sexx
Problem Lanes Millionaires n***a


I went from ashy to cla**y looser to player
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Now I'm f**in bad b**hes with bodies like rihanna
With my doggystyle from the back i ain't lookin back
I wanna get paid started way back with my homeboy mack
Hittin switches on them b**hes cuttin cla**es swizzing a**es
All i b's was the G's getting drugged up on OE's
Grew up laned up trust no n***a indoed out a player n***a from figga
Live your a** in tramma i am from the land of the drama
Living like a animal goddamn i am rebel
You rolling with the ru's welcome to the next level
Whoop whoop yeah that's my trip to the top

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