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WIZE - Return To Sender lyrics

Verse 1:

Scratch back of my neck, with a quick breath check and a guilty conscience
She dont seem to buy all the hype and she ain't on a hype and she hates my songs and...

I know that I want this…its, all just a matter of time
Look at me dead in the face
Now I'm white in the face
Like I just done miming

I'm...pretty shy its just that I haven't arrived
Every other guys tryna get in your zone
Every other girls tryna get in your phone

Then theres me with a sigh and a groan
Pick pick every bone like I'm after my own
Think fast onna beat
Its the last chance that I see
Gotta make sure she knows me

Verse 2:

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Light spark, play my part
Touch her heart with a little bit of "Whats your sign? What's your dreams and whats the time?" another line, Ryan Stiles
No hard feelings by and by
She's with me so bye and bye
Unless your heart says otherwise with widened eyes i'm gonna try


Hey how you doing and where do I know you from?
Take a break cause you've been skating round my brain for way too long
I'm a pacifist, I dont wanna fight the feeling
I've been crawling up the walls and standing on the ceiling

Hey how you doing what's the crowd you been around?
I've been sleeping, I've been creeping but I'm up and at em now
Little Lucy's been away for a minute, let me show you that I'm on it that I'm in it

I dont usually, but theres something you do that you do to me. x4


Hi its lucy from the other night! I know its been a year and a half since we last spoke but if you're still feeling what I'm feeling and I'm still feeling what you're feeling then I see no reason why we can't just work it out and I'm sorry if I'm seeming really overbearing its just I really like you and I really like having you around and...I'm sorry you can actually just delete this message

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