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WIZE - Momentum lyrics

Ah, Can't stop my momentum
I'm going to fast
Divine intervention controlling my path
Head on collision
I'm such a wreck
I gotta get myself back up
That's what it takes
What it takes

[Versus 1: Christon Gray]
Okay it's been a long day
Dealing with myself ain't no easy task
Reason all these people got me speeding fast
Demons want to see me crash
Soon as I hit the track
And I kept it real
Showdown like a Western film (draw)
Call me Cowboy Bebop
They shooting bang bang
Would the loud noise please stop
All eyes on me like a peacock
Jealousy, innuendo, I know that they eavesdrop
I don't want no fans, man, I just want to please God
Even after the beat stops
They pretty like Windy City and I see y'all snow
She so cold, I call her Chicago
Draw a line in the sand when I see y'all though
I got two ladies waiting at home
I'm gone


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[Versus 2: Christon Gray & Wize]
(Christon Gray)
I can't deliver myself
The other side really got greener gra**
Lord take the wheel, even be the gas
Keep me on the beaten path
I can see the Temptations in the background
And I'm feeling Dave Ruff and I'm back now
But the struggle don't make me so sad now
Oh what a peace I have

[Verse 3: Wize]
This momentum just might my end'em
Added to my life
Who penned that addendum
Wanna let our vengeance
But He will avenge them
Forty days in the wilderness
That's the agenda
Lord light up like Stark Tower in this dark hour
When the peace powells encumbers like a dark cowl
I'm on the line like a foul
It's either dig deep or throw in the towel
Six feet is where the grim reps
On me anesthes, but cording never sleeps
(Listen)You think this comes cheap
It cost everything to live this dream
We want to be that scene that we seen
Toretto when the car wrap speed with the NOS
So far gone Racer X on the Autobahn
Wait, there may not be no tomorrow

[Hook] [2x]

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