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WIZE - Goodnight lyrics

[Verse 1: Dre Murray]
The question is, will I ever make it?
The answer is, I already have
Having a picnic at the top of a skyscraper
I took the elevator, I let you do the math
Favor ain't fair, some people say
Take the favor back, some people pray
E or A, you can pick the vowel homie
Meanwhile I'm asking why they wanna move they bowels on me?
Thought you would be happy, I was doing fine
‘Cause they ain't wanna see the boy back in ‘99
Different outcome, different reaction
Face to face like homie what's happenin'
We can get it cracking a young lad thinking that he bad
Don't be had I scared of the action
You wouldn't bust a grape in a food fight
I mean you guys, you wanna hear the truth right?
Every day was dark, I pursue night
The forecast said tomorrow wasn't too bright
I asked God for a new life, I saw my life rise in a new height
That's no hype. Close your eyes and receive sight

[Verse 2: Rigz]
I stand for something like an acronym, back in them
Raps after rapping ‘em the black with the mac on him
Not an Apple, but since fruit he's lacking in
I let him know that it's the sin in him and I'm the antonym
My thoughts scooped like a barracuda
In the Ruger swimming through the rhythm
Who the hell are you to tell me I'mma loser
When I used the truth of Yeshua and I'm a doer
Product of when a lover meets a shooter
Remorse got my man slaved
Yeah this k**er at the gravesite stuntin' with the suede
See this is why I gotta stay awake
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‘Cause next thing you know I'm taking hammers off layaway
God watch my fate
Couldn't block his hired in cops, got Glocks and hate
Either way it's hip hop and not rock I make
The music that'll detox like Dr. Dre
Heard they hit him in his car, slumped him on lean
A lot of blood but I must say the love is looking mean
See I got a heart for the bigger things
Die to self, you could see what the spirit brings
We were kings, now my peak is the basement
The streets so deep I'm reaching up for the pavement
This is payment just to keep it lame
As the lame get famous I'll lament for the blameless

[Verse 3: Wize]
The question is: Will I ever make it?
The answer is in the sands of time
Paragraphs in every line, faith in every verb
Hush little baby don't you say a word
‘Cause everybody's got ghosts in they casa
Two faced Phantom of the Opera
Never been a Rasta, never dread imposters
Flies in your pasta so you wanna eat off my platter
You're bringing beef to the potlatch, ok
But God reigns, better drive with your top up
‘Cause if you choose that convertible option
Might find your mind blown by objects
That fly overhead the morgue said I was way past dead
Never scared of these monsters beneath my bed nah
Dark nights are lit by the full moon
‘Cause the Son is behind every single thing we do
The beast is coming out
Better tie him down now if you wanna save the town
They don't like ‘em ‘cause these lycans are liking
He's coming for your throat when he's writing
Johnny, I'll fight the good fight
Battle all day so I could have a good night

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