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WIZE - Everything lyrics

[Verse 1: escape]

Has anyone seen Michael lately? I'm trying to find him
Everything's different now that vibrant light that shines inside him
Might be artificial really I think he might be frightened
That he's spent so long trying to escape he's missed out
All these priceless times went by him
Man it's hard to describe who I am now that life is like this
Jealous of my best friend's experiences with someone perfect right beside him
Cuz I ain't felt what it's like to have everything and I'd like to try it
No i need to try it but there's too many problems I the way
If there's a solution then why can't I finally find it?
One thought of you turns to a night of my eyelids widened
Can't sleep when I'm trapped up inside of my minds asylum
And its if my luck's the only bad one
‘Cause what I really wanted everyone else has had or has one
While I'm still behind in silence
It's easy for them but it's impossible for me
And a lot of it's my fault what am I doing I need to stop this losing streak
My records 0 and infinity so I'll give everything I got for you and me
Promise to myself I'll never miss another opportunity
‘Cause I've missed so many, I don't know how I could do it
I would've never guessed what once was would one day die now it's ruins
If I would've knew when it was happening I know I'd cherish time ‘cause I'd known what for
Funny how were humans but some have so much more
And I don't care about all this material j**elry and stuff
Life isn't measured in possessions I know truly enough
But what's worth more than possessions is experiences collected
And I know they'll be the best if myself isn't losing it's touch with you

[Chorus: escape]

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My life could be everything that I've ever wanted
These days it seems so in reach if I'm being honest
That's the reason this song is
Not false hope, but a promise
That by the time that highschool's done everything will be flawless
Regardless of the thoughts that'll flood my brain
I know that it's possible for my luck to finally change
‘Cause things these days are actually quite perfect
If i just had one person
I wouldn't have it any other way
But it's not up to me

[Verse 2: escape]

It was a 2 years ago when I started writing this song
Things were way worse then they are now but i knew
My quietness provided my loss
Fast forward 2 years and I'm still waiting for you to notice like damn
I just realized that after all of this time those lyrics would still be applying to my life for so long
I thought that by this point I have it all figured out now i can't wait any longer
The past is all over there's no better time than right now can't debate it and ponder
‘Cause I know staying on the side too well and itś prison
I don't know where Iḿ headed but Iḿ ready to go the distance
I'm a loser but I'm done with this this part's gonna be different
I'm done waiting around just to be broken at the finish
I'm always second choice to someone else I need to win this
Life is great, but no I want it perfect for the first time
Can't it just work right it seems so possible I just need to convince this
Person that outta everything I need to have them to share my existence
I'll try whatever the cost a bridge to happiness
I just need to take the first step of getting across, but I'm lost

[Chorus: escape]

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