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WIZE - Contradict lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's my life, my mind to make up
Still figuring it out
And everybody wants to help you on the way up
But they all go missing when you're down
Having mood swings, intense highs, dramatic lows
Causing conflict in my brain, it's pandemonium
I've just worked too hard to be letting anything put me off
That's why I come across like I'm acting sanctimonious
The most well-known broke rapper in the dole queue
And the brokest well-known rapper that you know too
Now I don't sign on, I be getting cash myself
But if this show money stops coming in I'll be stacking shelves
I feel lucky to be on any stage I perform on
Now and then I still wonder if I got it all wrong
Cause even fans judge you by the money that you make
It's a love and hate relationship, kind of an oxymoron

And it's like I turn into a different person
That I contradict myself all the time
It don't mean that I make up lies
It just means that I change my mind
I don't know for certain, don't take my word for it
I contradict myself all the time
It don't mean that I make up lies
It just means that I change my mind

[Verse 2]
Mind blown going slightly insane
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Opposite opinions coincide in my brain
And in a moment I could just change to a totally different dude
Talking to close friends like 'I don't know if we've been introduced'
I'll be on my last legs knocking on heaven's door
With a broken halo on top of these devil horns
That wasn't a metaphor, I'm constantly getting torn
Between my good and bad side its a problem I'll never sort
Falling on deaf ears with every story I tell
Feeling like I'm trying to play tug-o-war with myself
I'm a grown man driven by a childhood dream
I've been waiting for this since I had size one feet
I told them I'd succeed
I don't sit around wondering 'bout the "if's, but and maybes"
I just hit the ground running
I don't think about nothing, winning acting on instinct
Idiotic genius, a walking contradiction


[Verse 3]
Vivid imagery, lyrics leaked from a biro
You could see my vision through cataracts and blindfold
But even I tend to question it sometimes like my efforts won't suffice
And I'm destined for a life of misery
As a kid I had nothing to keep me motivated
Nobody ever told me I was going places
Looking for a happy medium between broke and famous
Cause you've only made it when everyone thinks you're overrated


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