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William Paley - The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God lyrics

Paley's Teleological Argument

- P1. Living things, specifically human beings are created.
- P2. We are a reflection of the universe.
- P3. That implies there is "Intelligent Design."
- P4. Compared to the structure of the universe, we are simple.
- P5. Therefore there is a "Intelligent Designer" that made everything. Criticisms/Support/Rebuttals:

- Hume's Criticism
- Salmon's Support
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- Cartwright's Rebuttal
- Darwin's Criticism
- Dawkins' Criticism
- Gould's Support
- Dembski's Rebuttal
- Tyson's Criticism
- Harris's Criticism
- Voltaire's Criticism
- Kierkegaard's Criticism
- Smith's Criticism

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