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Will Pepper - N.Y.C lyrics

I wake up, nowhere to go
My whole life is just a one man show
I want a girl, it's not a sin
I want some more, it's just the place I'm in
I think I'm lost, I can't see clear
I've been this way for twenty years
I'm going up, I'm coming down
Someone said it's just a rich man's town

Ah-ah-ah, and I'm taking the whole thing in
Ah-ah-ah, and I'm letting it all sink in
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I'm going out, I'm staying in
I'm only playing 'cause I want to win
You say success should be a crime
I say it helps to pa** the time
I knew it once, I learned it twice
Every pleasure has it's price
Once again, between the eyes
We take the dollar 'cause we're scared to die

Ah-ah-ah, and we all end up rich and ashamed
Ah-ah-ah, and our analysts can say the same

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