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Whole Slab - I Know Remix lyrics

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
I know I know I know
I know I know I know (What you know Quan?)
You ain't that nigga you say you is (Well how you know though?)
Just know that I know I know I know (Okay!)
Them streets, they fuck with me strong
And them bitches gon' fuck just because money long
You know that I know I know I know
Why you know that I know what I know what I know

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Suede Balenciaga sneakers how the bosses do it
Snitches chirping like a beeper, better look into it
Bitches wanna step up to another bracket nigga
And she wanna fuck Miami's richest rapper nigga
So I fucked her like a rapper nigga
All I left her was my swisher wrapper nigga
I bought the rafe like a trapper nigga
Brought the cake to the dealer in the plastic nigga
Sitting in the traffic, you can smell dough
No tints for my niggas with the elbow
All glass in the watches that I wear now
All ass, older bitches that I care about
All cash in your city been we cared about it
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Got that three oh eight, don't make me let that air up out it
Fuck around and make me knock your dreads off
Shots fired, suspect speed off


[Verse 2: Whole Slab]
We in the bitch dirty deep like 30D
Niggas capping but they scared, them niggas sweet
Black bottle, crack your head, now go to sleep
Pussy niggas on Twitter, I'm on the scream
I'm about that life, I play the game, just how it go
I fucked your bitch, she say you lame, I already know
Bvlgari shades on my face, I see no evil
I'm about that Maybach Music shit, this is the sequel
Slab, time to turn up for these bitches come on
It's 21, leaving with one of these bitches, I go to blue flame
I put that thang on these bitches so talking K-O-D
I spend some change on them bitches and I know
Gotta forward the ex so I po
You say that's your bitch, nigga no, that's my ho
Pearl face but my Rollie is gold
And I know I know I know


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