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The concept for Virginia's While Heaven Wept started brewing in late 1989, but it wasn't until five years later that Tom Phillips (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Gabe Funston (ba**), and Jon Paquin (drums) recorded Lovesongs of the Forsaken -- the group's first EP of mournful, cla**ic doom. Unable to complete a follow-up album to his satisfaction, Phillips briefly worked with British doomsters Solstice before revitalizing While Heaven Wept, and finalizing 1998's Sorrow of the Angels LP with the help of new ba**ist Danny Ingerson. Following the band's first ever concert appearances later that year, another lengthy sojourn ensued as Phillips performed with Arise From Thorns, but come 2001, While Heaven Wept were once again reconvened, welcoming new members Scott Loose (guitar), Jim Hunter (ba**), and Jason Gray (drums). Chapter One: 1989-1999 -- a career retrospective on double vinyl -- was issued in 2002, setting the stage for 2003's Of Empires Forlorn CD, which achieved a new low in morose melancholy with its orchestrated take on doom metal. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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