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Wheezy - Do It By Myself lyrics

Do it by myself
No, I don't need no help
Woah, woah, Balmains with a belt
No, she can't get inside my whip
No, no
Hand me that molly, hand me that molly
I'm sneaking, I'm looking mischevious
These b**hes gon' show me they 'bout it
And they not strippers, they a** is so real temperpedic
Pop one pop two then I go try it
Then I'mma f** that b**h inside like someone knockin'
I'm covered in green like a goblin
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And I fly around this little b**h like I know they can't stop me
Pa** me the deuce
I'mma hit 'em in the club with the deuce
Index finger making love to the deuce
Smoking one when I show [?] how to do
Mink for everybody come in the crew
Not a single n***a dub in the crew
Slimey snakes now she lovin' the zoo
f** with TIP so I bought me some AKOO
Treat her nice and now she love it
Ass so big I want to hug it
Her mouth gon' open like a buggy
No pistol I got that hoe bustin'

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