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WeRCharm - Meant To Be lyrics

[Intro: Shania]
It's me and you boy
It's me and you
I love the things you do
I'll forever ride for you

[Chorus: Autumn, Payton, Xiamara]
I know, that you know, that we're meant to be
We been down for so long
I know you ridin' for me

I'm just sayin'
Ain't no playin'
Don't listen to those people
They just hatin'
Cause we stayin'
Ain't nobody else baby

That treats me like you do
It's just me and you now x2

[Verse 1: Payton & Xiamara]
I've been down for you
Like you told me to be
We gone make em see
This love ain't easy
Look at where we're at now boy
Look at where we're out now yeah

When I'm with you
I feel like myself
My guard is always down
You take me out my shell
No letting go
You're mine fasho


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[Verse 2: Autumn]
Was just a word
Till you came along and gave it to me
Know what you sayin' to me
We been down since Day 1
It's just you and me
See you're all I need
Since the beginning
Ain't no boy but you (But you, but you)
Ooh you winnin'
Ain't no other boy like you (Like you, like you)
I'm gone off your love
Ain't nobody else for me but you


[Verse 3: Shania & Trinity]
You're mine, you're mine, you're min
Got me smilin' all the time
Like 25/8
Yeah you're always on my mind

I love the way you hold me down
My bae, my boo, always around
Same time, same place
Kickin' it every night and day
I know that you know we're rockin' together

It's me and you x2
I love the things you do
I forever ride for you

[Bridge: Payton & Xiamra]
It's me and you


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