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Weensey - Pretty Girls (Live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) lyrics

[Hook - Weensey]
Girls, I ask 'em do they smoke
Ask 'em what do they know, ask 'em can we go
Pretty girls, sunshine in the air
Perfume everywhere, girls are everywhere

[Verse One: Wale]
A lime to a lemon, remind you of the sky
When I'm in it and we on cloud nine for that minute
Admire your style and your physique
And I ain't tryin' to critique but you deserve a good drink, so what's up
What you sippin' on, it's no problem
Black and gold bottles like I'm pro-New Orleans
But, shorty I'm far from a Saint
But I got two A-Mex's that look the same way
Wale, D.C. thats me, huh
My Prada say Prada and they Prada say Fila
I ain't gotta tell you they know about me, huh
Come to D.C. and I can make you a believer
See, baby, I'm a leader day away from a Libra
And I ain't tryin' to lead you wrong, sugar, I need ya
So would you please listen to what I'mma need from you
Live for tonight, before tomorrow's amnesia


[Verse Two: Black Thought]
A lime to a lemon, I'm John to the Lennon
I get the pretty women to respond to the playbook
I'm a bonafide legend, my ride is chauffeur driven
That it won't take me but a minute, she gon' be all up in it
If that thing cross my path, I ain't superstitious
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I make a church lady turn my shade two religions
Her daddy think I'm wicked, her moms kinda dig it
Even told me let her know whenever I was tryna kick it
The pretty girls drop, an 8 or 10 you can lick it
But it's a long line you gon' have to take a ticket
You pick a destination, we can go somewhere and live it
If I can make a rhyme, I know I can make a living
Out there on a different continent, well my compliments
I love 'em thick with a lot of self confidence
Provacative, and her taste just like chocolates
Pretty girls of the world, keep on rocking it


[Verse Three: Wale]
Okay I have em in amazement; switching four lanes
In that 09' range while I'm singing that Tre
Tryna get splashed, come around my way
And we can hit some J's, It's like this all day
Okay my name's Wale they probably know me from the you know
Boss in my Hugo, floss like my tooth hurt
My flow is on Pluto, them rollins ain't plutons
And a n***a have ‘em beefin' on who gon' twist up my new growth
Ha, yeah shorty that's G
Tokyo spinners, yeah shorty that's G
Please get hip to that new D.C
On my PG, I ain't finna keep them
And I be with P, so I got BBC
Even if I didn't I would ball like Arenas
Now, shorty this is what I'mma need from you
Live for tonight, before tomorrow's amnesia


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