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WeAreSkywalkers - An Introduction lyrics

[Intro: Peter & Lois Griffin]

Peter: World War 5
Lois: Peter we've been over this, there has to be a World War 3 and 4 first
Peter: Oh no, Oh no, That's the beauty of World War 5 Lois, Its so intense, it skips over the other two
Lois: Peter it doesn't wor-

[Verse1: Kid Raven]

The kids are back still rapping with no contract
Never seen a swagger like this since first contact

So let me compact retract the statement
Im getting gold like Mario but platinum is my pavement
Wondering where the stage went
I elevated the pavement
Im k**ing this beat like a hidden a**ailant

Whats my creed that i need to feed
On my diet of hating rappers video games and weed

A verbal stampede these kids are going wild
Spitting sick sh** like my throat's covered in bile
That was vile but it happens for a while
When i start i can't stop until i leave the crowd with smiles

Im such a joker so girls wanna be my Harley
I make the b**hes hop like they're drowning in Barley

So pardon me as i smoke green darker than envy
A pilgrim on his journey on his way to become trendy

So make it clap and give us pounds and daps
While the kids shoot off farther than any other map

Whats happening

With these kids that are so talented
They say we're fake rap but we dont need em to be valid
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They're like a salad while we're the full meal
They damage music's ears so we're on our way to heal

Medic medic we're just a white mage
They say we're not black enough to go and tackle the stage

[Verse2: Kid Shokora]

Listen here all you kids who were called queer never fear
Those one kids are here

Hip hop hooray
Kids shout and play
And my girl is never eating fish fillet

I am Static Shock if he chopped off his locks
And smoked all ya blunts and shut down ya shops

This kid is so damn peculiar
Spit fresh sh** like Colgate manure

Infant chocolate rapping no tapping out
Im in your house while you sleep with trout
And i doubt you will find out

What i did to ya family
Understand me
Like im standing in ya hands and im chanting

To the crowd, cheerleading

And my pen got scared so it started peeing on the paper
d**h is a shot and life is the chaser

Raise your hands in the air if you like what im saying

Do you understand me
Never Jackie Chan me
Pinky in the air this verse is so fancy

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