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WEA (Music Label) - Dreamin' Man lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm a dreaming man
Yes, that's my problem
I can't tell
When I'm not being real
In the meadow dusk
I park my Aerostar
With a loaded gun and sweet dreams of you

I'll always be a dreaming man
I don't have to understand
I know it's alright

[Verse 2]
I see your curves and
I feel your vibrations
You dressed in black and white you lost in the mall
I watch you disappear past Club Med Vacations
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Another sleepless night a sun that won't fall


[Verse 3]
Now the night is gone a new day is dawning
And our homeless dreams go back to the street
Another time or place another civilization
Would really make this life feel so complete


Dreaming man
He's got a problem
Dreaming man
Dreaming man
He's got a problem
Dreaming man

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