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WAVE•BLVD - Paradise lyrics


Waking up next to you
We stay in this room
Order room service
As we watch the sun blaze through the curtains

[Verse 1]

I swear this sh** is paradise
This is what I call living life
Cool breeze from the window
When she with me I feel like a winner
Life is good like Nas album
I feel the heat rising
Wave crashing when the moon shine
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My hands all on that bikini line


[Verse 2]

Catch me last year on Facebook
Eight b**hes with me like an octopus
Gnarly, tripping at the party
Now its lobster, shrimp and calamari
Smoking on the purple like Barney
Fashion high price like Barney's
Now my lady skin like cinnamon
Cause b**h I ball, ESPN; Paradise

[Chorus x2]

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