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WAOR - Tapout lyrics

Yeah, you know who it is...
You know I ain't tapping out right.. I will never forfeit I'll just take more hits,
I'll go make more hits, that's my law enforce it
Take it slow don't force it you know I'm scorching,
light em all up and I ain't talking torches
I feel like I rule now, your rules got ruled out,
call up my soldiers my troops and tell em move out
Hey you just moved in? It's time to move out,
you know I stand out, do you understand now? I will never tapout so back down X4 Back now I ain't playing,
better back down or I'm spraying,
it's been a little while but I'm back now I'm just saying
Hey fam how you doing? My plans ain't been ruined
you know how I do it since ULB we knew it
Since a young buck been wild, but that's just my style
I've been out here focused I know I'm making them proud
I know I've been solo but I couldn't do it without y'all
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so this here's a shout out to the ones who answered
my calls. I will never tapout so back down X4 I can feel the adrenaline as I spit this venom man
it's guaranteed that I'm going in
I'm at the door don't let me in. You looking at a champion is that your best it can't be it, hold up, they panicking, see they don't want these damages
I'm in the zone like auto zone I'm in the game
I know how it goes I'm trying to make that bank flow
that big flame that charcoal So hot yet so cold
my ego higher than the o zone won't tap out
won't lose hope, back down you know how it goes. I will never tapout so back down X4 Yeah, I told you I ain't tapping out man
No matter what happens,
I'm a fighter man that's just how it is
I don't care if I got my back against the ropes,
my back against the wall all vs me
everyone trying to get in on this man, it don't matter
I ain't never backing down and I ain't never gonna
tapout, so I want you to listen and see it man yeah, yeah! I will never tapout so back down X8 So back down X4

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