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W.E.E.D - Insect can i have admin lyrics

[Verse: 1]
Swag swag swag
Insect give me admin back
Pls i really want it bad
And i no tht i can rap

Insect give me admin
I want it realy bad
I startd a brigade
Urs is realy bad

Swager so tuff tht armidilllos
Swager so ruf tht man millos
Swager so sick i k** a negro
Swager so cold i eat digioerna

[Verse: 2]
I dont hav add
So dont make fun of me
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I have so much swag u can even see
I pop p**y ya
U a p**y ya
U so gay u like dik in ur butt ya



[Verse: 3 (BillGill]
Ok zeus, you say you have swag, but let me show you one thing you lack
Intelligence, and an IQ above six, now stop making jokes about s**ing on your dick
It's dull, it lacks, it steers more than a bat

So go to your god and pray all you want, but the biper 4 stick a knife in your twat


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