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Vybz Kartel - Are You Ready lyrics

Mooney, dis gon shot, truly

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel]
Portmore girl, Kingston girl, Country girl
Jezas Christ gyal ah weh yuh get da fat pussy deh?
Buddy question pussy weh yuh seh?
Cocky nuh fraid mi will fuck it any weh
Feel like a joke stick a bet and say feh

[Hook: Stylysh]
Bwoy you ready fi come fuck out mi tight hole?
(Come skin it out) are you ready fi come fuck out my tight hole?
(yuh have a man) so what, pussy good, pussy fat, so what
Pussy tight like a knot so what, pussy clean clean pussy nah shot
Fuck it out mek mi seh it hot!

[Verse 2: Vybz Kartel]
Mi seh mi neva see a pussy fat suh
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Come in like seh yuh feed it wid lasco
Cock up yuh batty gyal ben yuh back suh
Put a pawt one ah ------
Gyal yuh know seh mi face bleach out but da long
Cocky yah blacka dan a jankrow, ago fish inna yuh belly
Higha dan alto, like a cowboy show ride pon di bankro oh


[Verse 2]
Like a get a vehicle yuh move mi
Come inna mi cabin mek wi mek a movie
Nuh badda worry yuh nah fi sue mi
Cah mi nah mek nuh body see it only Mooney
Mi seh mi guilty fi love yuh todeh but a addi ah
Di judge an yuh ah di jury
Every street Vybz rum weh deh inna di bury nuh gimmie
Vybz like yuh gimmie really an truly


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