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"I told them about you bro. They saw you and they're stoked," admitted Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee to future lead vocalist Vince Neil the night the band came out to see the bleached blonde singer perform with his band Rock Candy at the famed Hollywood nightclub, Starwood. Neil, however, was apprehensive at first as he was very happy with his current band but agreed to an audition the next weekend as to not hurt Lee's feelings. The singer was quickly ushered into the band, and for the next decade they embarked on a heavy metal odyssey full of music, mayhem, and four consecutive multi-platinum /br /Born Vince Neil Wharton on February 8, 1961, in Hollywood, CA, Neil was the focal point of the band with his long blonde hair and screeching vocal style. While not a schooled vocalist, Neil definitely looked the part. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, he epitomized the carefree California "surfer dude" image, which was, at the time, the ideal persona for a heavy metal front man (a la David Lee Roth). br /br /After Neil joined Motley Crue in 1981, the band recorded the self-produced album Too Fast for Love, which attracted the attention of Elektra Records' Tom Zutaut. They were subsequently signed and in 1983 released their major-label debut, Shout at the Devil, that went on to become a multi-platinum smash and launched the band into superstardom. Unfortunately, after the ensuing tour to support the album with Ozzy Osbourne, Neil was involved in a serious alcohol-related car accident in Redondo Beach, CA. The singer, who was driving drunk, skidded into an oncoming car, k**ing his pa**enger, Hanoi Rocks' drummer Nicolas "Razzle" Dingley, and seriously injuring the two pa**engers in the other vehicle. Neil avoided prison and was sent to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic and ordered to pay damages to the victims. br /br /Despite the accident, Motley Crue pressed on and released 1985's Theatre Of Pain which quickly went multi-platinum as did 1987's Girls, Girls, Girls and 1989's Dr. Feelgood, an album that became the band's biggest success. Following the ma**ive tour to support Dr. Feelgood, Neil was fired from the band. As to why he was fired is up to different interpretation from different bandmembers. As a result, the singer embarked on a semi-successful solo career, teaming up with former Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens on 1993's Exposed, which sold respectably. In 1995, Neil released the Dust Brothers' produced Carved in Stone which failed to live up to expectations. Motley Crue also failed to recapture their '80s success with their 1994 self-titled album and asked Neil to rejoin the band in 1997. br /br /1997's Generation Swine saw the band reunited with their original lead singer, Neil, and the original lineup of guitarist Mick Mars, ba**ist Nikki Sixx, and drummer Tommy Lee. This lineup would not last long, however, as Tommy Lee would leave the band in 1999. Following yet another departure, the band released New Tattoo in 2000. ~ Eric Linden, All Music Guide

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