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Via Mistica - Dream II: Edge of Light lyrics

We live in shadow
Nobody knows our names
Afraid of full light
We're trembling like leaves
We try to hide between
Every thought and step
We cover with our fears
Every night

We're flowing through
The rainy days
The memories are fusing
In a river of tears
We have no dreams
No clear way
Still looking for directions

There is a shadow
On the edge of light
On the edge of darkness
We live in there
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There is a shadow
But nothing is white
Nothing is black
Is it good or bad?

We are nobodies
Between the future and the past
Between darkness and light
We are nowhere
We try not to lean out
Always in our line
We are the blood of slaves
The blood of prisoners

Accidental words
Aleatory moves
It doesn't matter
We have to live
Survive in shadow...
But we want something
It flutters inside...
We won't dare to rise our eyes

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