All Valient Thorr Songs

Songs In album
1000 Winters in a Row * Immortalizer
Asleep in the Deep -
Birdhead Looking at Goldenhands * Immortalizer
Blow Up The Pyramid Total Universe Man
Con Science * Legend of the World
Cut and Run * Old Salt
Exit Strategy * Legend of the World
Fall Of Pangea Legend of the World
False Profits * Legend of the World
Gillionaire -
Goveruptcy * Legend of the World
Har Megiddo * Legend of the World
Heatseeker -
Hijackers Total Universe Man
I Am The Law Total Universe Man
I Hope The Ghosts Of The Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever Immortalizer
Immaculate Consumption * Our Own Masters
Immortalizer (2008) * Immortalizer
Infinite Lives Immortalizer
Intermission: Theme From 6th Grade Watercolor Total Universe Man
Intermission: Thesis Of Infinite Measure Total Universe Man
Jealous Gods * Old Salt
Legend of the World (2006) * Legend of the World
Life Hands You Demons * Our Own Masters
Lil' Knife * Old Salt
Lime Green Net * Legend of the World
Linen Maker * Old Salt
Man Behind The Curtain Total Universe Man
Mask Of Sanity Immortalizer
No Count Blues * Old Salt
No Holds Barred * Immortalizer
Nomadic Sacrifice * Immortalizer
Palm Reader Total Universe Man
Parable of Daedalus * Immortalizer
Problem Solver * Legend of the World
Prologue: Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean Total Universe Man
Red Flag Immortalizer
Rezerection * Legend of the World
Showdown Total Universe Man
Sleeper awakes Stranger
Spellbroke * Old Salt
Steeplechase * Immortalizer
Sticks And Stones Total Universe Man
Stormstris * Legend of the World
Tackle the Walrus * Immortalizer
The Shroud * Old Salt
The Trudge * Old Salt
Tomorrow Police Immortalizer
Torn Apart Our Own Masters
Tough Customer Total Universe Man
Track 14 * Immortalizer
Triceratops * Legend of the World
Vernal Equinox * Immortalizer
We Believe In Science Total Universe Man
Worm Up * Old Salt