All Valhalla Songs

Songs In album
...fireshine Of Lightnings Winterbastard
Aliens * Beyond The Underworld
Bigwigs Night Breed
Born By Metal -
Carpathian Tales: Countess Bathory Night Breed
Carpathian Tales: Vlad The Impaler Night Breed
Dark Side Of Life Night Breed
Dreams Of Apocalypse Winterbastard
Eclipse Beyond The Underworld
Egypt -
Enemy * -
Eve Of Winterdawn Winterbastard
Farewell * -
Flowers Of The Evil The Wolfish Nocturne
Guardians Of Metal (v. 2000) Beyond The Underworld
Heroes * -
Holywar Night Breed
Humans -
Hymn Of Victory -
Ins Nama'v Great Fyr Winterbastard
Inseminator * -
Lost In Space * -
Medieval Feast Beyond The Underworld
Memories * -
Metalopolis -
Metalopolis (orchestral Version) Beyond The Underworld
No Time To Surrender Night Breed
Per Aspera Ad Astra The Wolfish Nocturne
Postludium (the Wolf And The Night) The Wolfish Nocturne
Raise Your Tankard Night Breed
Rebellion Night Breed
Requiem To The Welkin Winterbastard
Resurrection (shadow Of The King Part Ii) -
Revenge (shadow Of The King Part Iii) Night Breed
Ride Of Norsemen -
Rohirrim Beyond The Underworld
Shadow Of The King (part I) Beyond The Underworld
Song Of d**h The Wolfish Nocturne
Starflaming Heart Of Ural Winterbastard
The Awakening Once Upon a Time
The Fallen Angels Night Breed
The Oak -
The Outlaw -
The Wolfish Nocturne The Wolfish Nocturne
To The Other Side -
Towards The Unlight... On Black Wings Of d**h Winterbastard
Ural Darkness The Wolfish Nocturne
Welcome To... Nightbreed
Winterbastard Winterbastard
Wintry Dreams Winterbastard
XXX * -