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V Lodge - Kick It (Remix) lyrics

[Hook: Thugga Massina]
Kick it with a young boss, baby we can get lost
Let that top back on my ride, baby when you ready let's vibe
And we gon kick it (kick it with a young boss)
Girl let's go kick it (kick it with a young boss)
Like how I kick it (kick it with a young boss)
You wanna kick it? (kick it with a young boss)

[Verse 1: V Lodge]
Bitch come kick the shit with a fat boss bitch and hop inside of this drop top
We can smoke some weed and we can pop some pills and we can pig out at IHOP
I took your bitch to Saks Fifth, I bought the bitch all kinds of gifts
I mean Versace this, bitch and Gucci that, nigga Prada and Fendi bags
Used to fucking them have nots, now you fuck with me and I have a lot
I got so many motherfucking whips 'til the shit look like a car lot
She say she love the way that I handle business
I got 12 years in this shit, that's 12 years worth of pimping bitch
Your last nigga he kick rocks
And I rock and roll bitch call me the black version of Kid Rock, minus the guitar
If I see a bitch and I want her ass, you best believe I'ma go get her
Nigga 5 minutes worth of spit game
Then I'm introducing that bitch to nothing but this dick game
I meant to say I dick her down
That pussy so damn wet, feel like my dick got on a clear coat
That pussy was so hairy 'til it looked like a Billy Goat
That ass like two cantaloupes and I eat that pussy like a crocodile
And now all she wanna do is -

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[Bridge: Thugga Massina]
If you ask me for a dollar, baby you can have two
If you want some red bottoms, I'll make you a baboon
I don't wanna stall but let's take it to the bathroom
Give you brain and all, shawty welcome to my classroom

[Verse 2: Thugga Massina]
Niggas want cocaine, I bring them cookies over like new neighbors
Fucking with my game, you need two controllers, I'm too player
No plain hoes, I'm too major, I need some bitches that's gorgeous
You are one and you are too so get on top of this joystick
They say boy quit, I say smoke this then I hand them hoes a blunt
And now they got them legs separated like Avant
In my bed doing stunts, eating pussy, tooting ass up
Let ‘em know they can split the pole without bad luck
Girl this ain't no alley oop so you shouldn't pass up
Cutting, fucking up her head, man I got her gashed up
Homie got her gassed up, taking her to Shell
I just keep it short and sweet like Miguel
If you with it, come and kick it


[Outro: Thugga Massina]
Kick it with a boss, see the way I floss
Girl you wanna ball? We can kick it
Like the way I walk? Like the way I talk?
Like a soccer ball we can kick it
Yeah, Girl, Girl, Yeah, Yeah

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