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V Is For Villains - The Disease lyrics

[verse 1]
I've got the disease and it rots in my mind
changes everything into a panicked surprise
why can't you see the disease?

I can't stop picking so it will never heal
the scabs run deep but I don't know if they're real
why can't you see the disease?

I have nothing left, nothing left to give
I'm all used up and I don't know what to do
why can't you see the disease?
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[verse 2]
I've got the disease, it's flowing through my veins
I can share a bit if you can handle the pain.
Then you will see the disease.

I can't be at peace when they all think I'm insane
I swear to god that they will see it my way
They will all feel the disease.

I have nothing left in this world to defend
I'm all washed up and I don't want to pretend
that you can see my disease.

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