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V Don - Everybody Eats (Interlude) lyrics

You 'bout to get your motherfucking head slapped off your motherfucking shoulders
Wait right here, man
Ayo, B
Wassup, B?
This nigga Wedge one of your workers, man?
Word, so what's up, Dick?
They say they tryin' to set you up, B
Come on, man
Ayo, bring this bitch ass nigga over here, B
Wassup man, who's eating in this motherfucker?

We God-like, Jehovah follow
Cartagena's the godfather like Papa Shango
Vamanos, that's that Tanboy talk
Papi vamanos, adios
You hear me good? I got Sunday service
Leave 'em holy like the King James Version
Front to back, revelation grind
Till the end from genesis, beginning times
Papa Dios forgive me, so ready to lick off these niggas history
Should've never pissed me (off)
Still these bitches wanna hit me off, got this cocaine off
All my white girls soft
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So call Papi, me Papi, buy the work, stash it up
Make these hoes bag it up, you and yours laugh it up
Money my bitch, I got the movin' dimes
Cops came knocking on the door, it was movin' time
I got a Wesson like Bronson, vigilante
My Tanboys all about Bronson's first name

What's going on, man? I'm hearing things, man
Put your hands down, man
Everything ain't alright, man?
I ain't eating
You ain't eating? What you mean you ain't eating?
You ain't making this paper, man?
Everybody eats, B

You shining now, me too
Cuban link flooded, diamonds in my Jesus
You shining now, me too
Cuban link flooded, diamonds in my Jesus

Fuck you shrugging for? Something wrong with your back?

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