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Many years ago once there was a man he was a nice man but sometimes ge got hungry so he killed the goats god was happy with this man's actions until a faithful day the man have eaten a whole goat with horns except the horns he picked up a horn and blew into it woooo the man then discovered the first musical note ever played! the power such from springing foth that was so inheretly great! bu it... sprint into the man and he became a very evil man using the power to his advantage the God do not like this! and he summoned the nearby horse to take over the power woohaa the horse was a magical beast holding all the power of music in it and the secret rhytm of the universe the man became very jeleaus as his discovery has been taken away so he trapped a horse in the giant blob of seaweed the PORT GUNNEL! the Port Gunnel was lost for eaons it made it's way through the universe having many adventures, but mosly forgotten until one day a boy, by the name of Adam actually, Jason and David was on the beach and they picked up a piece of the seaweed they brought it into the boy Adam's house it was in 1999 they threw it into the pool Adam was disturbed! Adam came and got the seaweed out of his pool and threw it on the street Adam was mad he brought the seaweed open with the vengeance! and there was unleashed The Secret Rhytm Of The Universe and The Horse! until then Adam and his band members now, in the year 2000 the boys, they play their instruments and try to summon a horse they have they moments as have seen on this CD, but very rare but You can feel a horse when it comes! and makes your hair stand on head FORT GUNNEL HURSE THE BAND!

I'm drunk with all the pain I bleed into the night And desperate all the same No faith to turn and fight The knife blade cuts the flesh The blade that has their life It all comes to an end No telling wrong from the right But I will carry on Hold my head up high in the sky, yeah And I will lay you down I will make things right And you will carry on head up high in the sky, yeah And I will lay you down I will make things right I remember the days When everything was new We were happy and young And didn't have a clue But now I've come to realize That I'm an adult I'm one of the oppressors I'm a member of the cult If you're like me You'll know it's hard to see That the whole human race Was born without a face And I don't really know why it really has to be this way Why has everything good gone away, yeah-yeah, yeah And we will carry on Tears will stop and dry, yeah And we will make the sound Loveless in our eyes The world will carry on You and me inside, yeah Together we'll be found forever in the light ??? my body ??? to life always to an end blinded by the sight ??? that kills me, others brings to life Together once again ???

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