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$UPA NOVA - Unlikely Hero lyrics

I hear them calling
I got to answer my calling
The beacon's in the sky
But all of the heroes falling
Running before I step
Just inches away from crawling
That barrel is f**ing loaded
And they not ready for brawling
Fighting, that's hand to hand
They not ready for man to chan
Gossiping that's b**h sh**
They not ready for man to man
Plotting, that architect
They not ready for men to plan
All of these f**ing copies
Nobody gave you the right to scan
I'm in the dark, like the dark knight student
Got the black down, like a panther I'm newton
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Used to ditch school, like you ain't know I'm truant
Just the rebels, bad kids speaking bullsh** that fluent
I'd just like to thank all of my teachers
Claiming I'm the one, and knew the word like some preachers
Product of when you're hurt and start coping with the reefa
But I'm a all-star, so why the f**, I'm in the bleachers
I got the drive, I'm just caught in traffic
Irving could tell you this dude is magic
Comic until they take one, like this sh** is tragic
But I'm known by none, like the whole world is catholic
So it's f** math, and f** cla**
I was never good in
Schooling, in in-school
I was never good, sin
Five goods, got me blowing
Blowing, me got good fins
Forecast of a breeze
So, likely my crew gone win

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