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$UPA NOVA - Living Legend lyrics

Silent k**ers

[Hook: SupaNova]
They want me to lose now
After everything I put in this b**h
What can I do now?
I done put my blood, sweat and tears in this sh**
I just know when it's over
They would never find another n***a like this
No, here we go, n***a, here we go
You're f**ing with a living legend
You should know that
And I'ma k** it 'til my last breath
You should know that
You're f**ing with a living legend
You should know that
And I'ma k** it 'til my last breath
You should know that
You know you're f**ing with a living legend

[Verse 1: Trick Trick]
It's that one cat
Still trynna lock this city down, I done been there done that
Everything I whip up come back
A n***a saying otherwise, ask him "How come he ain't come run that?"
Uh, you'd rather speak on the dark side of my imagination
With all that god damn hatin'
You're followers of the god damn satan
I'm only trynna prevent another black man wasted
I never been into it with real n***a
Cause real n***as don't get into it with real n***as
Either the best or the rest when you going for that check
But I never sacrificed my respect

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[Hook: SupaNova]

[Verse 2: Trick Trick]
Gate keeper, got 'em asking "Who the f** is you?"
Well, I'm that n***a that you asking 'bout
And I ain't asking 'bout you cause I don't give a f**
Got them walking through with they chins tucked
Then what? I ain't gotta be animated
And I don't need a million followers to validate it
I make my own people tweet "'Bout to f**" when I lock the city up
So make sure everybody's firearm is calibrated
See, I can pa** on the Clash of the Titans
Cause I surpa** to fighting then survive the indictments
And I respect if we different, we devided
You got a right to be you, I got a right not to like it

[Hook: SupaNova]

[Bridge: Trick Trick]
So what am I supposed to do?
Put the pen down? What is this, the end now?
I can't let the devil win now

[Verse 3: Trick Trick]
If there's one thing I ever learned it's never give up
You ever get knocked down, you better get up
You ain't the only one that feel it when the weather get rough
So don't separate from your hustle 'til your cheddar get up
And if you really 'bout that life, you hook your brethren up
Y'all work until y'all can honestly say that nobody's better than us
Hold up, why is it that every other race is more together than us
This is why they want me to shut up
But I made it, I took the hand I was dealt and I played it
To whoever the f** [?] door he is, he never showed up
There come a time and a place where a man gotta grow the f** up

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