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$uicideboy$ - I Will Celebrate for Stepping on Broken Glass and Slipping on Stomach Soaked Floors lyrics

[Verse 1: Anthony Mars]

Walk in with a dead bitch and a Swisher lit
Drug kick
Got a half hit of the acid
Can't quit I'm an addict
So traumatic And I'm manic
Feeling panicked I need a Xanax
Pass it as I OD real slowly
Lonely looking ghostly surrounded by smoky mirror images of a fictions sober me
Don't give a fuck about harming me
I'm drugging till I R.I.P

[Verse 2: Norman Atomic]
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Take a hit of acid been a while since I tripped
Now I'm seeing all this shit
Brain glowing
Everything is bending in the same motion
Roll the blunt I'll take a hit
Start staring at the smoke as it twists and disappears
Peer pressure don't affect me bitch I take drugs on my own
Pop a Perc and snort some coke
It feel like my heart is broke because I get fucked up when I feel alone
I'm choking on this 40 of OE
I'm hoping that I don't breath
Bitch I'm dope act like you know me
Shoot me up so I can OD

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