$uicideboy$ - I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel lyrics

My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell:

[Sample: Tommy Wright]

Car jack, gat packed, hard head, wig split
Die n***a die n***a die n***a die
Got a big clip wid a Jason mask

[Verse 1: Yung Mutt]

Sunk back in the driver's seat
Blunt between my lips
I'm riding with a b**h that's high as me
She ducking out
She trying to sleep
I'm ducking out
I'm trying to see the road, but all I can see are 4 horsemen coming closer to me
I think I'm about to die
We'll see
Swerving on them motherf**ers, b**h
It ain't my time
Let the world blow up first then I might just close my eyes
It's all I really wanted my whole life
The universe won't notice b**h
You just another life
The sun'll rise
The stars have already died

[Verse 2: Yung Scarecrow]

I see the reaper creeping as my blood is seeping
Sleeping deeper through the night so I can face my demons
My weakness seems to be that I cannot stop breathing
d**h keeps cheating on my life, but on my soul it's feeding
(It goes on) leading to the fleeting of an endless dream
Screaming and needing
Yelling and bleeding that things ain't as they seem
In the cut sneaking and tweaking because I can't stop seeking this pain
This torture of horror that I'm always conceding


My Scars Are Like Evidence Being Mailed to the Judge:

[Verse 3: $witchblade $crim]

Enteral rest
The bloody mess
Keeping the motherf**ing devil hot
Satanic mentality
Happily making the bodies drop
I'm on the block
Circling cops
Ready for their demise
Screams resinate through the night so I can't close my eyes
Hard to swallow when the hollows enter through your throat
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Lately I wallow in my sorrow cause I cannot cope
The dope, the coke, the drank, the lean, the pills, the X, the smoke
The rope to choke the pain away
I'm broken till I croak

[Verse 4: Yung Snow]

Baby let me get the keys to the Rover truck
Baby let me get the weed
There's more for us
When these s**as leave, yeah we can smoke a blunt and f**
I bust a nut and now it's time to get the f** up out my crib
Yeah, here's a couple bucks
b**h I'm Oddy Nuff
Creeping out the cut
Blood seeping out my cut with the shotty pump
You might escape the Tommy gun because I'm busy puffing blunts
But soon enough, you'll come back round
You screaming "Lock me up! Please! Box me up!"
I got you s**a
Start a flame and turn your body into dust
Smoke your body in the blunt
Copy us
I'll light it up


I Will Celebrate for Stepping on Broken Gla** and Slipping on Stomach Soaked Floors:

[Verse 5: Anthony Mars]

Walk in with a dead b**h and a Swisher lit
Drug kick
Got a half hit of the acid
Can't quit I'm an addict
So traumatic And I'm manic
Feeling panicked I need a Xanax
Pa** it as I OD real slowly
Lonely looking ghostly surrounded by smoky mirror images of a fictions sober me
Don't give a f** about harming me
I'm drugging till I R.I.P

[Verse 6: Norman Atomic]

Take a hit of acid been a while since I tripped
Now I'm seeing all this sh**
Brain glowing
Everything is bending in the same motion
Roll the blunt I'll take a hit
Start staring at the smoke as it twists and disappears
Peer pressure don't affect me b**h I take d** on my own
Pop a Perc and snort some coke
It feel like my heart is broke because I get f**ed up when I feel alone
I'm choking on this 40 of OE
I'm hoping that I don't breath
b**h I'm dope act like you know me
Shoot me up so I can OD

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