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$uicideboy$ - CLYDE (I Hope At Least One of My Ex​-​Girlfriends Hears This) lyrics

CLYDE (I Hope At Least One of My Ex​-​Girlfriends Hears This)

[Verse 1: Lil' Lonely]
Trying to get on my pimp sh**
But I'm stuck on my druggy tip
So I f**ed an ugly b**h
All the pretty hoes ditched
Yeah they know what $now is
I'm a lush
I'm a sad sap trying to fill in guts
Hope she gushes when that fat a** backs up, Ima nut
I got the last laugh but only as long as the laugh's last
Grey flags stay at half-ma**
Half cocked
Shawty blast
Oddy's head popped gasp from the blast
At last I'm only the past
I got a gash in my thick skull
Throw me in the trash call for a pick up
d**h over b**hes all because of Crystal
Blood spilling in my motherf**ing pimp cup
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Used to love the b**h, now she s**ing other dicks
So I cut my f**ing wrists
Feel like a puddle of piss
$uicide, end of me who gives a f**
No one

[Verse 2: $crim]
$licky got the motherf**ing pedigree
But generally, all my ex- hoes become my enemies
And my next hoes will deal with jealousy
From a couple chickenheads, Tori and Sophie
Couple of them b**hes that ain't important
If p**y curving was a sport they'd call me Jordan
With my endorsement remaining dormant
When it come to these b**hes that play informant
All the girls that I f** with got kids or ex-husbands
They junkies or strippers but hey I'm not judging
Don't f** with a hippy b**h, f** with a skinny b**h
f** with a needy b**h, f** with a greedy b**h
Nah I can't do that sh**
Too much energy, energy spent unsuccessfully
Oh please (would) you let me be one of your memories

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