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Ugly God - Intro freestyle lyrics

I spent that check on my neck
I got yo b**h drippin', she wet (drip, splash)
n***a please don't disrespect
My n***as they grippin them TEC's
I pull up and pick up that check
I go to yo crib put my dick in yo sister
Yo b**h on my line, i pull up and I drill her
Don't DM me n***a, don't hit me on twitter
I am the GOAT, admit it
I f** on yo b**h cus she with it
Them n***as so broke i don't get it (the f**)
I need me a milli let's get it
I always say i need a milli
I probably won't stop 'til i cop me a milli
When i touch a milli, I cop me a bentley
So let me stack up cus my pockets look empty
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You n***as and b**hes irrelevant
I need me that check i pay hella rent (cash)
My pockets thicker than an elephant
I do this rap sh** for the hell of it
Twenty-sixteen yes i need to be president
b**h i'm the sh**, i came up and thats evident
Don't call me bro, n***a we are not relatives
b**h, you n***as is snakes (yuh)
These b**hes is fake (yuh)
I see that you hate (yuh)
I count up this cake (count up this cash)
You savin' these hoes lil n***a
I cannot relate
But get you a cape
Say hey to my tape
Yuh, damn

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