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Uday bakshi - Best indian rapper lyrics

f** desi

Uday in this b**h p**y rappers pack ur suitcase
Every night i am in ur girls mouth like a toothpaste/

Best indian rapper hommie we so diffrent
No i am not a kidnaper but your teeth go missing/

f** ur word play,ill catch the last letter
f** a better half hommie you ain't even half better/

You got beef then bring it..i get it poppin on sight
You will get touched like your girl on the promnight/

How is it when i rhyme nobody comes closer
But like a bad camera lens i get no exposure/

Ill do what i wanna, you do what ur supposed to
Ill knock your f**in wind out like i just puched o2/

Ur girl does gynatics backflips on mattress
I make her p**y wet and then call it a catfish/

No emcee can test me ill slap all you rap clowns
I came from the bottom you'll never see me back down/

I spit fire and flow like a water plant
No you won't ever see me coming like the hollow man/

Hate you all you rappers you fake like a hollowgram
Your chick s**s my dick and then i make her swollow man/

Dont hate on me homie i just rhyme diffrent
Put a bullet through your clock and call i it time k**ing/

Break into your car to cut the f**in breaks off
You better take a seat like the planes about to take off/

You just brought a 9mm pistol in cash?
But i dont see your guns dont miss the gym cla**/

Loud with my actions murders all i whisper
I make it sound cool ima a verbal air conditioner/
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Ax rolled a joint he was crushing weed in it
You better not ignore us like the f**in speed limit/

Suprised to see me? oh yeah u must have been
I lift your skirts up like a motherf**in gust of wind/

One hundered ..i keep it real basement
Know a couple homies got my back like a rear naked/

Do it for music i dont care if you dont like me
I am the most wanted poster of rap recognize me/

Dont talk about how you blast hammers and k**
You all washed up like hands after a meal/

f** your music hommie no i ain't feelin it
Like an ear infection b**h i am sick of hearin it/

Leave you all burned out like a candle wax
All your rhymes fake so i call it a plastic wrap/

You know its funny how you rappers ignore me
The gaint breast of hiphop b**h better support me/

Numbing my ear drumbs stop sittin non sense
This ain't a movie, move keys like locksmiths/

Hotter than a devil you swerter than cheeecake
Always am on the job, carrying wepons in a brefcase/

Man your songs s** the life out like abortions
I hit em up like looking down ain't an option/

Undisputed king i ain't never lost a battle
Then i beat mysellf to it like i just boxed my shadow/

Fuel my fire ..i can't be more inspired
Homie we smoke greens like a f**in forrest fire/

Doing jujitsu and i am into them fast cars
I am in room full of wepons homie call it the arm bar/

All you rappers count your minutes ur time is up
Wings on my dick but i still dont give a f**ing f**/

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