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U-N-I - I Can't Wait lyrics

[Hook: B5 Sample (2x)]

I can't wait to get
I can't wait to get
I can't wait to get to school each day

[Verse 1: Y-O]

Thank mom for keeping me fresh, been stuntin since a toddler
Surrounded by them school girl, smilin in my styler
The bet was to sex her, by the show of hands
How many people put that condom on backwards? (I Did!)
I snuck porno's but was nervous as fuck
Embarrassed as teen, less than 20 got nut
She was fakin from the "V," yellin names out and such
Put the rubber in the toilet and that shit wouldn't FLUSH!!!
Aw Fuck, that's another story
Moms though it was cute so she shared with her employees (Damn Ma!?)
Thanks to Allen ?, the only Sophomore playin Varsity ball
Which lead to upper class Punany
I can't wait for Free Dress just to show what Santa got
Was so excited, I laid my cloths across the futon
Hallways was crowded, please watch for my sneakers
Catholic girls give me kisses, couple pounds to my Nigga

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[Verse 2: Thurzday]

Cubic Zirconias, I'm hidin my boner
Lookin up Ajya's skirt, I hope she's a nasty girl like Apollonia
Of Vanity 6, 8 ? 856, to be the admiration of her eye
Is the golden gist, I wore my white AF-1's and banner
Hopin she can accommodate advantage this thing
Trippin in a trans, hopin for a sexual advance
In first period, thinkin bout the last ?
When I had my Tommy Hil, and she backed it up a lil
And my hand slipped just to get a feel
And she accidentally felt on my piece like EEEWW!
Had to calm the bulg in my Girbaud's like CHILL!!!
Off to second period the halls I roam
Knowin these birds smell my Polo Sport Cologne
If not that it was Dolce and Gabbana
Signin off Thurzday it's Curly Tops and Nautica


I can't wait to get
I can't wait to get (Curly Tops)
I can't wait to get to school each day

I can't wait to get to school to day (repeat, fade out)

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