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Tzu The Master - Welcome To Hell / JNKYRD lyrics

Welcome to my vision
Bars measured with precision
Bullet shots in your division
Makes for ingenious decisions

d**h thinking 'bout me
Rhapsodies of my mind
War ain't kind, lover's hands held to the sky
And its reckless, no senseless
I hope you get the message
We're not here to play
Take everything in any second

Stabbing metaphors every session
And find me slashing the question of how life can be different
When you gain this fame and these cheques damn

Back to my progression affected by my discretion
Your tries to stop my weapons
Concluded in learning lessons

My words point your direction
You still happy that you're mentioned

Saying this our time we won't lose
Best recognize the whole crew
Jumps from Teo, to Korkor to Boch then Zinabu!

We're out here bodying bodies
It seems to be the hobby that satisfies my whole army
Mobbing deep in this party
b**hes bills and bugattis
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Make you n***as k** to be happy

Now are you really that happy?
Just to get one them Grammy's

We just hood phenomenas
Sexual stamina is what we talk about
And now it's become a part of us
Anonymous to our own followers

You heard of us
The murderous most shady
Brought to you by M-80s
Conscious- minded individuals
That get you shook like
You're Haiti

You're crazy
To hate me
Maybe it's just the gravy
Basically we're Hades babies
Never really talking basics
Mind you, we stay creative
And we plotting more than Satan
Don't even try to be a David
That slingshot's overrated

Now to conclude this
We're far from being just losers
You can find us with the shooters
Asking you where the loot is


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