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Tzu The Master - Metamelomai / THUG LIKE THIS lyrics

The world is ending
It's probably 'cause of my venting
Or my crew is throwing tantrums
Let me explain how I meant it

I rap for listeners
Hard-headed, innocent sinners
"All we need is someone to lead us"
That's why I'm here to free us
Forget the drug dealers
You'll fly if you just believe us
The common fetus
Believes and follows their own Jesus
If he wishes to cheat it
He'll lead a life that's conceded
That's why history's repeated
Write your script
Show them how you were treated

This time we wouldn't lose,
Lisp mind with the booze,
Every night builds up the mood
And catches swift mice with the loot

No need to take out a book
To only go inside
And savor the heady
Dry breath of ink and paper
Or stand and listen
To the silent Twitter
Of a billion words
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Painting an image in your tuque

Higher brightness darkens our life
Everything revolves on one device
Why can't you focus on your own tonight
Say farewell to your brain
Good bye to your conscience
It's all in the J's
As soon as you conquered the monsters

I'm best friends with age
Life span and space
In case I misplace
My way of today
I'll cope that sh** with a way
A choice that's never been made
A spade that's never been played
My thoughts of everyday
Recognize that the hate
Promotes and raises the pay
Hypnotic, brolic with knowledge
Flow sonic when I go insane

Stay chisel like a box of wife beater by Fila
Luther ain't no Arnold Schwarzenegger type steelo

This flowing and going poem
Is owing the going boredom
Of toying with mere motives
That's slowing our major votives
That halts us from growing orders

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