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Tzu The Master - HD lyrics

Got high definition vision
k** it no permission
I'm on a weird commission
Higher than a deacon
Why wouldn't you just listen
Were running jinxing demons
RG's diction a legion
Kenyan quick decisions
My this world is diminished
Ridding of all the sinnest
Year after d**h of Nixon
Beginning of this fiction
Yes the Prophecy has risen
So tell me where's my ribbon?
Why you talking when you didn't?
Resulting to your finish
Shade darkness 'till its thinnest
That's not a contradiction
Keep going breaking limits
Always my proposition

First I k** it
Then I spin it
Split a minute
Then you ten it
You can hit it
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If you with it
Make you commit
Till you vomit

Throw deuce to the violence
Resorts and the islands
Violet Pilots
Soaring and lessing mileage

LV eyelets
No words come out of shy wits
Biggie's sidekick
My thoughts are all defying quits
Need a psychiatrist
To get my cranium all fixed
I'll leave your mind pissed
With trees held down with dry licks, munching it wildly
This blade held in with grind teeth

Settle down humans
I'm here to live in this era only to leave it ruined
I'm spitting pain through music
In this game with my crew and
Sloppy but staying fluent

I Do It

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