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Typhon - Nimbus lyrics

Shooting by stars I make wishes, Riding away on my nimbus
Stuck in my dreams and I pray for escape
So for now I just deal with the mischief
So many thoughts through my head
Asleep so soundly they thought I was dead
Got my heart pounding my focus is bouncing
I fall through the cloud and I sink like I'm lead
Walking around in this deep waking nightmare
I just wish that my demons would fight fair
Hope that soon I could just live a life where
My peace doesn't come with the night air
For now my dreams only lie with the pillows
Til I forget and I weep like the willows
Feel the moonlight on my skin through the windows
Relax and just set free the stress of a weirdo
Outcast tryna outlast til the sun burst
Gotta prove I'm the one first
But I'm only onstage when I'm immersed
Everyone else isn't concerned
Cause my mask strong
And I'm afraid that I might not last long
So even if this my last night
I'm living half pipe dreams til my a** gone
I forgot how to breathe like an asthmatic
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Everyone can agree I'm not as plastic
I'm just scared of the world living life is a struggle
Love being fourteen and enclosed a bubble
I'm tired of being so tired, I'm tired of never being inspired
I'm tired of being of a liar, and maybe a writer
Tired of being a slave to desire
I'm tired cause I am awake while I sleep
Eyes wide open in my dreams
I'm outspoken throw my words to the breeze
Tired of fighting this disease
Normality is too much
And I've been played for a fool but
There's not much I can ask for
I go crazy when you wrap your
Arms around my chest and hold my tight, Dearly
I think that I'll be safe if for the night, Clearly
And I'm nearly past my fears
But won't test the theory and get laughter tracks
I escape away in my sleep too much
But at least I mastered that
Gotta think about it on an after fact
And read a chapter back
Fall through the cracks of clouds
If you try to ride with a disastrous task
So crash into the ground or take off the mask you're wearing
You can care enough or care to much and then it's overbearing

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