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Tyler, The Creator - b**h s** Dick lyrics

Aww sh**
Three icy a** n***as from Odd Future doin' some crazy sh**
By the way, we do punch b**hes

[Verse 1: Jasper]
I'm swagging b**h, I'm iced out
Oh you mad b**h cause I'm laying on the couch
Smoke a blunt, f** a b**h, in the butt, I'm bossing
Don't give a f**, I never roll Slauson
I'm fly b**h, I should poke you in your eye, b**h
Got the burner b**h, bow-bow
You dead b**h, I'm hot as f**
I ain't never cold, but I'm icy b**h

My b**h s** dick, like she s** dick

[Verse 2: Tyler]
Got the bops in the house, socking b**hes in they mouth
See my neck iced the f** out (I'm getting money n***a)
At the f**ing mall, 40 b**hes on my nutsack
I pulled up on a mothaf**in' unicorn (I'm getting ponies n***a)
Wolf Gang n***a scream that to the mothaf**a show me deaf
Golf Wang n***a, Free Earl better show some motherf**in' respect
All this ice around my neck, all this ice around my dick
Gun to her head make your b**h ma**age my shoulders

[Lyrics from: https:/**h-s**-dick.html]

[Verse 3: Taco]
Shut up b**h, s** my dick (s** my nuts)
You f**in' bop, you better swallow it
I got a chain with a f**in' platinum plaque on it
Is that a hundred dollar bill? I'll sh** on it
I bought a f**in' whale, cause I'm ballin'
Your b**h work for me, she my dish washer
Swag on my dick, 30 thousand million, n***a


[Verse 4: Jasper]
You boppin' b**h, you like this dick?
We all know why, cause you's a boppin' b**h
I got a burner, I pop you in your lip
Zoom-zoom, yeah, I'm going fast b**h
I'm loud as f**, I'm ignorant
Beat your b**h in her mouth just for talkin' sh**
You lurkin' b**h? Well, I see that sh**
Once again I gotta punch a b**h in her sh**
I'm icy b**h, don't look at my wrist
Because if you do, I might blind you b**h
Mount Everest ain't f**in' with my f**in' wrist
f** global warming, this the Ice Age b**h

Swag, swag, punch a b**h

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